Anonymous: Is his name still taboo?

Ah, no. I hope not.

With regards to your previous question - do not hope or think that he or she is coming back. That’s about it.

Title: 이 바보 (This Fool)

Artist: Wonder Girls

Played: 151 times

If you like me then just confront me.
Why are you making it so hard on my part?
If you like me then act brave.
I’m here waiting, so why can’t you come? You fool…

Anonymous: How do you get over him leaving?

Who are you referring to?

aiyous: Because I'm really smart and I know you well, yes.

This is what happens when people know me for too long.

I’m not full of surprises anymore. Hul.

kxvra: Ah sohee sohee sohee sohee sohee

Yes that’s my name.

ahn sohee

aiyous: "Soeun" Is this a trick so you can be on top unnie? (/whispers) I missed you too. ;;

How did you guess

Title: '눈,코,입(EYES, NOSE, LIPS)' COVER


Played: 72410 times

YG Family cover project 002 -Tablo|Eyes, Nose Lips Cover|

An Sohee and T.O.P for Reebok Classic

Sohee for OhBoy! August 2014.