scs series 17/25

He was like a song I’d heard once in fragments but had been singing in my mind ever since.”

sohee-anon: "I was with someone."


Her words slowly sinks in as he turns his head to look at her the couch. His eyes darts at her every movement of setting up the table, as he feels his ears getting hot. "Someone?" He repeats slowly, the ending slightly in high pitch. "Hmm? Who were you with?" Of course he'd try to pass it off, playing it cool. Jin knows she's an idol with such popularity that she's never alone, but he just couldn't help himself, not knowing who she was with and what they were doing, even if he's the one that inquired on her day.




"Why didn’t you invite me to your wedding?"

He knew he has to face her sooner or later. The guilt, the indecisiveness, the hurt he has cause her, he now knows what he had to do. Stepping off the steps of the chapel, in his tuxedo and all, he run to his car, quickly entering and racing his car down the streets. He hope it wasn't too late, even though it's more than understandable if she'd never wants to see him again.

"come on, come on." Jin mutters impatiently under his breath, as he stretches out his neck over the steering wheels, as if he could urge the oncoming traffic to hurry pass him.

Damn the midday traffic of Seoul, as cars are aligned bumpers to bumpers. Carefully, he fumbles one hand with his phone, tapping and holding down on the number 1 square. His thumbs slides to speaker as he slowly moves forward.


"Yah! Where are you?"

"I'm at my house."

"Stay there, I'm coming to you."

Clicks, he taps his thumb on the red end call bar, focusing his attention on weaving in and out between lanes as he refuse to give possibly the only chance has to make this right, to finally go forth with his happiness.

Twenty minutes later, he came to a screeching halt in front of her house, lined with a flower bed fence. He jumps out the moment his car stops, running towards her door, just as Sohee steps out. His feet slows down into a quick walk, his eyes on hers. The moment their eyes connected, Jin knows deep in his heart that he had made the right decision.

"Yah. Why didn't you invite me to your wedding?" The other's cheeks puffs out more, if that's even possible, as her lips goes into a pout. "I had to hear it from Yura."

He absolutely could not take his eyes off of her. Who could? She had on a black dress, outlining the figure of her upper body, softly flowing out as it reaches just above her knees. Her hair done in loose curls and just the bare minimum of make up on her face, just the way Jin likes, and of course her signature cat eyes.

His feet stop as he got right in front of her. He didn't invite her because he didn't want to have her see him getting married to another person. Because with their history, he wouldn't put her through that, as he wouldn't bear it if it was the other way around; as if Sohee was the one to get married to another man. Taking a deep breath to catch himself, he manage to sputter out, "Because... if I was going to get married to anyone... it would be with you."

ahn sohee

sohee-anon: "We’ve already tried this."


"We’ve already tried this." Rubbing his fingers hard against his temple, just lets out a defeated sigh. "But all these rings look the same." He is starting to lose his patience. The pair has been here for hours and every single rings Sohee wants to try on looks the same to him and he could care less what his ring looks like. "Can't we just use the ring you gave me and call it good?"



sohee-anon: "There’s plenty of fish in the sea."



The slightly taller male rolls his eyes, gently shaking his head as statement hit him at full force. “I know there’s plenty of fish in the sea, but I ain’t going fishing. If I wanted to, I could have, but I only have one Ahn Sohee in my life.” Jin glides over to her, draping his arms around the other’s shoulder. “‘sides, who would be the pain in your ass?” 

Title: Untouched

Artist: The Veronicas

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Don’t even talk about the consequence, cause right now you’re the only thing that’s making any sense to me.